Hello from the blogging siiiiiiiiiide (in Adele voice)

Mila is down for the night (me doing the Carlton in excitement). I am sitting on my fluffy white bed, sipping on hot chocolate with Curb your Enthusiasm re-runs playing on the TV. Anyone watch that show? It. Is. Hysterical!

I used to blog yeeeeeaaaars ago (you can read here www.pinkbambina.blogspot.com). Since then, we moved to Utah, built a home, adopted a dog, did IVF 3 times, got pregnant, had a BABYYYY, and basically here we are, living the dream life. Why am I blogging again? I love to talk, share, communicate, I am opinionated, open, and I love to write. Plus, we have family allllllll over the place that want to keep up with La Casa Gomez (translation: The Gomez house, for those that don't know español), and so it's nice to have a little space here on the interwebs to share all the things. Many things. Many great wonderful things. Many great amazing, wonderful, beautiful things. Okay, I will stop. 

Hey, thank you for sitting here with me. I promise to be vulnerable, real, authentic, and kind. I like you.