I stopped scrolling

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. It has been a while. March 8th, I started a social media fast. I deleted ALL of my social media apps from my devices. Cold turkey. Was it hard? Kinda. Why did I do it? Well, join me and I will explain why. But first, we are officially settled into our super cute bright yellow rental home in Charlotte, NC. Our home is nestled in a wooded neighborhood surrounded by colorful  trees with flowers dripping off their branches, and birds, so many birds. Finches, Cardinals, Blue jays, Doves, and the regular brown birds I have no name for (sorry birds) are always gracefully fluttering and weaving in and out through all the trees. It. Is. Magical. The best part, is waking up at 6:30am and listening to all the birds happily chirping right outside my window. Seriously, it is so grounding. Just listening and appreciating their wakeup call. We even put up a birdhouse in the backyard, Mila likes to make sure there is plenty of bird seeds for the pajaritos (birdies in spanish). 

When Manny and I lived in Orlando, we often drove up to the Carolinas (8hr drive), and would spent weekends here. We would always say how much we loved it and that we would end up here someday. The Law of Attraction people, the freaking Law works. I could talk hours about THAT but then my blog post would veer into another lane and jump onto another freeway that would leave us asking, "what was I about to say"?

A month ago I realized that I was tired of filling up my white space with scrolling. I'd tap on my Instagram app, and scrolllllllllll, I'd then exit, tap my Snap Chat app, and watch videos, then exit,  tap my twitter (that sounds like a dance "Tap My Twitter", or maybe it sounds like a dirty dance HA, okay never mind), then I'd scrolllllll through tweets. Seriously, all the tapping, all the scrolling, and the NOTHING. I quickly noticed that the "Influencer" posts on social media, weren't really influencing me. It was doing the reverse. Making me long for those perfect abs, or outfits, or makeup, or wonder how XYZ blogger had their shiz together with a sparkling house, beautiful hair, flawless skin and well behaved children. I mean I know its branding, I know it isn't reality, but one can't help it by comparing and then feeling shitty about themselves. It paralyzed me. I was in social media coma, paralyzed. I felt murky. 

So, I said EFF THAT, and started some new habits. And you know what? It has been pure bliss, magic, powerful ,empowering, raw, and fluid. My life flows oh so beautifully. I keep in touch with all my truest friends, and weeding out the "so-called" friends who are really just nosey to see what you are doing but really don't care about you, has felt like I have removed baggage. I am intentional about looking at people in the eyes when I talk to them (not creepily though, I blink, I promise hahah), I stop and listen to the noises around me. I am present when my husband is in the same room, and I memorize and watch Mila blossom into the most intelligent, strong, and beautiful little human I know. I also talk to random strangers. Something I have never been good at. This has made me feel lighter.

I also lost 20lbs. No big deal (insert smirk). I joined a kickboxing gym. I go 6 days a week. I am so strong. Mila, Manny and I are together all the time. It is a blessing. We have some secret projects we are working on and will share in a few months. 

We leave for a month long vacation really soon!!! We are going to Charleston, Savannah, St. Augustine, Orlando, Panama, and then to Colombia. EeeeeeeeeeeeKKKKK. Not all in that order.

I just wanted to share this quick update, thank you for reading! 

All my love,

Mar xo